Running in 2 directions

Babies are napping, the wind is blowing hard outside and I am waiting for the downpour of rain to hit!  Fall is here in Germany and has been since basically the middle of August.  We get some nice days but wind and rain are pretty much the norm here.  I love the fall weather!

IMG_7053 2
My fall decor!

Well a lot has happened since the last time I wrote anything on the blog. The Babies turned 1!! I can hardly believe that, they are growing so fast!  We have moved houses and we are loving our new little village.  It is a very small farming village and we live right next door to our landlord who we have become friends with! There is also an older lady who lives a couple houses down from us, she is affectionately known as “gaga” and is like the neighborhood grandma! She comes over occasionally and we go over to her house so she can play with the babies, she loves them! I love watching her play with them, it makes me miss my nana and grandma.

Esther and Stephen are so busy these days! They started walking at about 10 months, and now they are basically running! They don’t stop unless they are forced to, meaning unless they are eating or put down to sleep! One of their favorite things to do is empty all my cupboards while I cook or empty all the drawers in the bathroom while I attempt to get ready. Oh they are so full of it!  They love to dance, to any music they hear, we will be in a store and if they hear music they will start moving their little bodies to the beat, it cracks Colby and I up.  As far as getting along goes well we are still working on that.  Esther is usually the more dominate one (you know being older by a whole 16 minutes) and Stephen tends to follow her all around the house and take whatever she has.  She will most of the time let him get away with it but occasionally she goes after him to get back whatever he has taken.  Just the other day he took something from her and Colby and I both look over and Stephen is on the ground and Esther is on top of him taking back whatever it was he took, needless to say we had to step in and rescue Stephen. It was quite funny.  They make a great pair and I know one day they will love each other and play well together! We do have those moments. They are starting to jabber to one another, and they giggle at each other.  I love sitting back (when I get the chance) and just watch them play.

Esther Sue is my little jabber box, she is so full of life!  She is my cuddle bug, face maker, dancing queen, needs less sleep than anyone in the house, and boss lady! She is still going to physical therapy for torticollis but she has improved a ton.  Her physical therapist is very happy with the progress she has made.  She has to wear KT tape w

IMG_5153 2

hich she isn’t too fond of having put on but once it’s on she barely notices it.  She is a little copy cat, she loves to try to repeat words and she is pretty good at it. She is a smart one! She is also my social butterfly, she lights up around people!


IMG_1340 2

Stephen oh my little Stephen that boy wanted to run before he could walk and now he runs and half the time trips over everything in his path because he doesn’t seem to care to look before he runs.  He is a giggly little boy and has just figured out how to climb and now wants to climb all over the furniture. Little bubba is always near his sister, he follows her around and likes to be where she is, usually to take whatever it is she is playing with. He also is my shy boy.  If we go out in public he usually sticks pretty close to me, doesn’t like to go to many people.  I am ok with that, I know it won’t last forever!

Life here in Germany is going well overall.  Not long ago we attended a wedding at a castle on the Rhine River, it was beautiful!  Talk about a fairy tale wedding!  It was a very small wedding with close friends from the house, it was a lot of fun!  We have been able to spend some time this past month with Julia and Horace and that has been so fun! We went to see them for Kiah, Kenzi, and Titus’ birthday, that was so much fun, it was at a horse ranch and the babies were able to have their first pony ride! Stephen wasn’t too sure about it but Esther didn’t want to get off!  It is like a little piece of home when we spend time with them!  Colby’s Aunt also visited recently and we went on a Rhine River cruise with her, it was fun to have family here for a short time!  We have been hanging out a lot with our friends from the hospitality house.  The Lord has blessed us with wonderful close friends who love us like family!  One couple in particular we have become really close with, Joel and Rebecca, they are like our family away from family over here!  Rebecca is like a sister to me and I go over and hang out with her quite often. I help Joel lead worship on Sunday nights at the house.  Another family from the house we have grown close with watches the babies for us about once a week or so.  They have 2 little girls who love the babies and it is such a huge blessing, it allows me to get errands done!  We will be missing all of them for sure when we leave, they are life long friends!

IMG_7019 2
birthday fun!

IMG_7325 2

IMG_6886 2
Kristin, my sweet friend
IMG_6882 2
Beautiful Bride
IMG_6880 2
Stephen and Esther’s little friends
IMG_6876 2
Let’s play in the dirt in our wedding clothes

IMG_7330 2IMG_7328 2

IMG_6904 2
Castles at night
IMG_7322 2
our village at sunset
IMG_3737 2
Joel and Rebecca

IMG_6785 2IMG_7331 2IMG_7045 2

Colby has been super busy with work! We are still trying to figure out what our future looks like. Prayer is very much appreciated as we figure out our next steps.  We are thankful for where the Lord has us right now, He is always showing us grace and His faithfulness.  We are so very blessed.  Being so far from family is very hard but I know the Lord has us here for a purpose so we press on with our eyes fixed on Him!

Here are some Pictures from the past few months for your viewing pleasure!

4th of July
Medieval Festival
Medieval Festival
Julia and the girls visiting
my old stomping ground, the backyard of the hospitality house! Spent many hours back there playing, now I take my kids back there to play!
Anahi came to visit!! Heidelberg Castle











a little catching up to do

So I realize I have not updated this blog in wow too many months like 7!  Well needless to say a lot has happened.  For instance we are expecting twins….yep thats right 2 babies at the SAME TIME! We are very excited.  So we found out the day before our birthday in January that we were expecting, it wasn’t till I was 11 weeks along that we found out that we were expecting twins. Shock is a good word to describe what we both felt, shock and excitement. How do you wrap your mind around the fact that you are growing 2 human beings. Nausea seemed to take over my life for about 15 weeks and then it finally subsided. Colby was very good to me and very patient!

My parents came out for a visit in March and we had really fun time…our first visitors! We went to England, Switzerland, and France, my dad was like our personal tour guide.  It was a whirlwind, we tried to do as much as we could in the amount of time we had.  England was our first stop.  We drove through France to get to the ferry.  The ferry dropped us off at the White Cliffs of Dover which was beautiful.  From there we went to the Davidson’s  where they graciously let us stay and took us around England. We were able to go to my mom’s birthplace Ely, it was beautiful. Although it was raining that didn’t stop us you just learn to roll with the rain in Europe.  After our England adventure we spent a day and half in Switzerland which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful places ever! We did a bit of antiquing thanks to my mom who remembered all the good antique stores she used to go to, we stuffed our BMW as full as we could.  We also decided to go to France for a day and do some antiquing there. So we rented a van and headed into France which is only about 45mins from us. I was able to get some pretty neat wood furniture.  We took it easy for a couple days at home and my gracious mom did a lot of cooking, ok she did all the cooking! It was very nice especially because I wasn’t feeling too well.  It was time to say goodbye to my parents, was a joy it was having them here!

About a month or so after my parents left I hopped out of Ramstein to go home and visit. The Lord had His hand in that no doubt. A week before I was trying to get a hop out Colby finds out he is being sent to Travis at the end of the month for 6 weeks of training! Wow, what a huge blessing it was.  So after about a week of me trying to get out Ramstein on a hop I finally was able to at least make it to Dover on a C17.  Not the comfiest 9 hours sitting in a jump seat in a cold and very loud cargo plane but it was a free flight and a fun little adventure.  I finally made it to California despite a few hiccups along the way.  The C17 I was on was supposed to go all the way to Travis but ended up dropping all of passengers off in Dover. Thankfully being in ministry especially military ministry you meet a lot of people and so you kind of have connections all over the world.  We had friends in Dover who were gracious enough to pick me up, feed me, let me hang out with them and then the next day they took me to the Baltimore airport so I could fly home. Of course we stopped at chic fil a before the airport and it was amazing! I had been craving it!

It was so nice to go home for a bit and be around family and hang out with my sister and nephews.  My brother and sister in law were even there for a week!  The older I get the more I realize how important family is, and how it’s so easy to take them for granted until you can’t be around them as much.  Colby followed me about a week and half later and we were both able to get some good family time in.  Thankfully his classes were not too bad, he was usually done by noon or so. The Lord was so gracious to us by allowing us so much time in the states.  It was especially good to be around family while being pregnant.  Pretty sure I had an iced coffee from Peets or Dutch Bros every day for like the first week or two I was home 🙂 It was wonderful!! All of our American cravings were met!  My sister and mom threw me an amazing baby shower (or is it babies shower) anyways it was a huge blessing! Colby and I were also able to celebrate our 1 year anniversary while in California, so we went to Monterey for a couple days.  We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Laguna Seca (Colbys favorite), and the beach. It was so fun and relaxing!

Colby took some leave so we could spend some time with his family in Kansas before heading back.  That was a wonderful time as well.  We packed a lot into a couple weeks.  I was able to spend some good time with Chandler my sister in law and her twin boys! I got a little taste of what to expect 🙂 We took them to the pool and did some swimming which was so nice and relaxing.  We were able to go spend some time on the farm with his aunt and uncle and of course Colby was put right to work and loved every second of it!  Colby’s family also threw us a babies shower, needless to say these little ones are so loved!  It is a huge comfort to Colby and I to know that we have such amazing family and friends who love our kids before they are even born and want to take care of them and us.  We are truly blessed.  Well, a couple weeks flew by and it was time to head back to Germany.

We flew from Kansas to Dallas and Dallas to Frankfurt. Wouldn’t you know it, our flight from Kansas to Dallas was delayed by almost 2 hours, which means once we landed in Dallas we basically had to run to get to our connecting flight, we arrived and were some of the last people to get on the plane! BUT we made it and it was a good workout before our 9 hour flight across the ocean! We landed early morning in Frankfurt and headed back to our house tired and worn out from the trip. Our friends had been watching our house for us and when we arrived there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some food waiting. It was such a sweet surprise!  Well, once we got back we didn’t really stop.  We mustered up some energy and headed out to run errands. We were obviously pretty exhausted because when we went to pick up our mail from the post office there was quite bit of confusion with some of the packages. Colby went to talk to customer service and I went to take a few packages to the car.  Well, before I went to the car Colby offered me the keys which I declined because the car was unlocked.  So we finish up at the post office and walk back to the car and we can’t find the keys anywhere.  We are on the ground looking under the car, asking the post office people, retracing our every step, and literally the keys are nowhere. So this lady comes out of the post office and clearly sees that we need some help. Luckily we were picking up our other car on base that day so she drives us to our other car which thankfully starts and great we now have a car.  The only problem is we still have no idea where the key is and it’s the ONLY key to the car. We are both so tired and hungry at this point we decide to just go eat and try to figure something out from there.  So we sit down to eat and Colby pulls out his wallet from his back pocket, well what comes out with the wallet…the car key!!!! I start laughing pretty hard and he just kinda shakes his head in disbelief. PRAISE THE LORD, Colby has just prayed that Lord would somehow bring us the keys and well, God answered our prayers! So we ate in peace, went and picked up the car then came home and crashed pretty hard for a couple hours. It was quite the day!  Jet lag wasn’t too bad, we seem to have adjusted back pretty smoothly.

Life since we have been back has been pretty hectic! Colby had to go back to work the morning after we go back. We found a car Praise the Lord, that will fit the twins! It’s a Volkswagen Turbo Diesel. Lots of trunk space and room in the backseat! Its very exciting!  The house is slowly coming together with baby things.  Cribs, swings, rock and plays are all being set up.  I am working on transforming our closet room to a baby room/guest room. Thankfully our friends have been gracious enough to help us out! We have done some fun things as well. Ramstein won some wing eating contest and a free Eli Young Band concert was the prize, so we went to that which was a lot of fun! Before the concert we had some friends over for a BBQ, kinda like a tailgate party but not really because it was at our house! I also planted some flowers which I am very proud of! As I was walking through the German garden store I was trying to think like my mom and well that was not helping.  I should have paid more attention to her gardening lessons and now I am regretting it!  So we will see if I can keep them alive, it has only been a few days and so far so good 🙂 The weather here is getting hotter and hotter. AND yes Germans have no AC in their houses, most of their stores and hospitals actually. So if you need to go out to a German store you make it fast! Keeping the rolladens down during the day and a fan at night seem to be helping.

Well that seems to be it for now.  That’s what I call a quick synopsis of the past 7 months of our lives.  I will try to keep this updated a little better with any exciting news.  Like when the babies come! Things are about to seriously change for the better though and Colby and I couldn’t be more excited meet these little ones, see what they look like and learn all about them! Thank you all for your prayers, love and support! It was wonderful to see so many of you when we were home. We really do miss you all and can’t wait to introduce our little ones to you!


Cathedral in France


Ferry time


White Cliffs of Dover


Rock Candy from England is the best


Ely, England
Tea shop


Our babies 
Nephew and Anties date


one year anniversary trip to Monterey
one year anniversary trip to Monterey
Laguna Seca
Beach in Monterey
Farm in Kansas


One last time at chic fil a 
museum in Speyer
just a walk in the woods


Welcome to a new year

Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone!

As I look back  and ponder this past year I see huge change in my life for obvious reasons. First off, I got married…hello! That is a huge change, a great huge change I should say! Then I quite my job which was very hard because I loved working in the Hyperbaric clinic, I made some great friends and I was able to work with some great doctors.  It was all however for a good cause.  I was able to move across the ocean to be with my husband and start our adventure together. And let me tell you so far its been quite the adventure. Starting our lives away from our families, friends, Peet’s coffee, Chic Fil A , Chipotle…but seriously though, moving to Germany has been wonderful and very hard all at the same time.  I have been stretched in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Since moving here we have moved into a German village,learned how to drive and navigate the German roads, spent a lot of time in German grocery stores using my google translate trying to find things like baking powder, yeast, molasses (which by the way doesn’t exist in German grocery stores I found out), found out that most places only take cash, and fire works are a huge deal.  The experience here has been one that I wouldn’t change, the good and the hard.  The Lord has shown me things in my own life that have grown and matured me in my spiritual walk.  I have learned to lean on Christ, to trust His word and how important it is to be in His word, studying and learning about our Savior.  It has been such a blessing to be able to be involved in 2 bible studies, one with a group of ladies from the hospitality house who have all become near and dear friends and also PWOC.  The Lord has taught me a lot through the studies we have been through together and I can’t wait to see what He has in store this coming year.  So in short to wrap this “looking back” section up there has been a lot that has happened this year, especially these past 5 months. Through it all the Lord and my wonderful husband have stood by me to get me through home sickness which was way harder than I thought, doubts, fears, and insecurities.  Colby has been patient and kind, he comforts me when I need it, encourages me in my walk with Christ and pushes me to pursue people.  The Lord knew what He was doing when He allowed us to meet 🙂

So moving on to these past couple months that have seemed to just fly by…wow it is already 2016!!  Well, end of November/ beginning of December Colby got sent to the US for 10 days of training, so he suffered pretty bad…HA!  Just kidding he had a good time, the training was shorter than he thought so he was actually was able to go see his Aunt and Uncle in Florida and had a wonderful time with them. They live on a lake and have a boat so even though it was quite chilly he felt the need to go wake boarding.  While he was gone I kept myself busy.  I threw a Christmas tea for the ladies from the hospitality house.  Julia and the girls were able to come stay a couple days and join in on the tea party fun!  It is so nice to have them close.  During the week I would go over to my friends house.  Actually the Lord has great timing, two of my close friends here had both their husbands leave for training a week after Colby so I went and spent the night their houses, the three of us and their kids spent a lot of time together.  It was really nice.

Colby got back mid December early in the morning and the poor guy was a trooper,  I made him go to Bernkastle kues Christmas market partly to meet my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Larry who were here visiting my cousin Renee who just had a baby, and partly because I really wanted to go and I knew he should stay up so he could adjust back to the time better.  He did a great job he even drove there and back with no problems!  Yes, my aunt and uncle were here visiting and what a joy that was.  Renee brought them over to my house one day and it was so nice to sit and just chat with them.  My uncle Larry reminds me so much of my dad, it felt a little like my dad was here which was really nice!  Being so far away from family I have learned to love and appreciate them more.  I miss my family dearly!

So the hustle and bustle of Christmas began here in Germany, it was a good first Christmas.  Before Colby left we decided to decorate.  So we went and got our Christmas tree, our poor sad looking Christmas tree.  The story behind our tree isn’t very deep, we were simply sucked in by cute cub scouts following us around asking “do you want that one” to every tree we set our eyes on, then they would hold the tree up for us (which took at least 4 of them) and we would stand back and look and pretty much every tree in that lot wasn’t worth looking at but we couldn’t just walk away obviously, so we go the tallest and best looking one we could. The funny thing was one of the dads came up to us kinda quiet and was like you know there are lots off base too. Colby and I both had a good laugh but we were literally the only ones in the lot at the time, and Colby was once a cub scout so he was having a good time with those boys.  If you see the pictures below you can see that well, the options were slim.  However, it was a good first Christmas tree and every time I looked at it or someone else that happened to come over saw it we would get a good laugh out of it, it kept me smiling! Now it has been taken down and tossed into the christmas tree graveyard, otherwise known as our backyard, until we can figure out what to do with it!

Christmas came and went, Colby had to work Christmas day so we celebrated Christmas eve morning and then went to the hospitality house for a white elephant gift exchange and fellowship.  Colby made me a beautiful bed frame for Christmas! It was his first big wood project and he did a great job, it turned our so beautiful! You can see it below!! New Years eve we had a group of friends over we played games, ate, had a little prayer time and then of course Colby had to blow things up so we did fire works.  Along with every other German in our village.  It is nice because you don’t have to go anywhere to see fire works you just look up!  There were so many going off by the end of it the air was pretty thick with smoke.  It was a really fun time.  We are getting pretty close to some of the couples from the house.  They love coming over and getting together.  We love it too!

Colby has started night shift this month and will be on it for the next 4 months so prayers are appreciated.  In one sense it is good because he is able to get more done since they are a little less busy at night.  He has started working out a lot so I am trying to keep him full!  His metabolism really jumps when he starts working out so keeping him full is a full time job haha!  I have been able to work out more too, we go to the gym together and I try not to out lift him but you know……ok ok totally kidding obviously!  We have been able to go country swing dancing with some friends which has been really fun. Colby and I took a day trip to Trier and visited the Porta Nigra and old Roman gate that used surround the city.  Trier is Germany’s oldest city which dates back to 17 BC.  Something kind of funny happened one morning, my friend Kristin and I went running down a path near my house that I have been wanting to explore its in the forest a little,so we just started running and running, we were going to turn around but we saw these ladies walking their dogs and thought well the path must wrap around.  In short the path never wrapped around, so what was supposed to be a 30 min run turned into an hour and half run/walk trying to find our way out.  I finally got reception and we used the gps to get out!  It was kinda exciting, and fun, well we did our best to make it fun.  It got pretty cold, and rained a little!  BUT we made it out came home had breakfast and tea and watched Downton Abby!!  All is well!

With Colby being on night shifts it gives me the opportunity to have ladies over in the evening.  I had a movie night the other night and about 6 ladies showed up, we watched Singing in the Rain and ate brownies! It was such a fun time, one of the girls I didn’t even know at first (she was invited by another single girl) came up to me after and told me what a wonderful time she had.  It was so encouraging,  I have been praying and wondering what is my mission, goal, purpose while I am here.  I am not working yet so where does the Lord want me, this has been a huge question and I think it is being made clear especially after my conversation that night. I love opening my home!  I am going to try to have ladies over at least 2x a month if not more. Prayers for that would be greatly appreciated. I can see the Lord answering prayers and working through me, I just need to be open and open my eyes to those around me.  I love it!

Colby and I are both excited about this new year and what it brings with it.  There are decisions that need to be made as far as what our future looks like, where to go and what to do. It is exciting how we can see the Lord working, and I am so excited to see how we can grow in our friendships and our marriage.  This next year is going to be full, we are hoping to travel more and hopefully some of my family will be coming to visit and hopefully we are able to go home for a few weeks sometime.   I know this is a huge post, I need to write more often so I don’t overload on one post!  So if you got through it all congratulations, I commend you!   We do miss all our family and friends especially with the holidays being here and gone, you are constantly thought about and prayed for!  Love you all!

…Some pictures so you can visualize our adventure…


our village
more of our village
Kristin and I out for our “run”
trying to find our ways out of the woods
deer stand
still trying to find our way out
Christmas market
Yummy Christmas market food! Oh and thats mayonnaise on fries and its amazing!
Bernkastle kuse christmas market
Christmas Tea


little girls table


Giant Advent calendar




Bernkastle kuse
Mosel River


Christmas breakfast


Thank you mom and dad for the games and sis for the peets coffee
it was a chore getting all the bed frame pieces into the room to assemble


he did such a great job!!
Porta Nigra
inside the gate


ducked in a cafe to get warm
New Years Eve
christmas tree hunting with the cub scouts
oh the tree

Here and There

October has come and gone and November is half way over can that be?! A lot has happened this past month including a last minuet trip back to the states, babysitting for a week as well as receiving and unpacking our household goods.

For starters we are actually fully moved into our house with all our belongings! Praise the Lord!  Unpacking was quite the chore and took about a week.  It was a bit like Christmas, getting to unpack all our wedding gifts and actually open them and start using them! It was  exciting and a little stressful all at the same time!  The house was in shambles for a few days but it is looking a lot better now!

So our surprise trip to the states, specifically Kansas/Colorado took place because we got word that Colby’s cousin passed away.  Colby really wanted to be there so we figured it out and we were able to get on the rotator from Ramstein to Baltimore and then from Baltimore to Kansas.  We had 1 day when we got to Kansas and then we all jumped in the minivan and did a 7 hour drive to Colorado where the funeral was held.  We spent a day in Colorado then headed right back to Kansas for a week.  It was nice to see everyone and get a chance a catch up with the family.  Colby hadn’t been back home for over a year.  It also gave us a chance to see a lot of extended family at the funeral that Colby had not seen in a few years.  When we got back to Kansas Colby and I hit the ground running, seeing as many people as we could in the time we had.  We of course went out to the farm and spent the day helping Uncle Ron with the cattle.  Colby was in heaven! 🙂  He loves it out there and I can’t argue with him, it is a lot of fun. We were also able to spend a lot of time with his immediate family, the nieces and nephews and all the siblings.  It was a really nice time!  It was also really nice to be back in America.  We hit up Chipolte and Chick fil a right away!

The trip seemed to fly by and 10 days later we started our trip back to Germany which proved to be a little more challenging than expected.  We had planned it so the plane tickets we bought would get us back  into Baltimore in time to catch the rotator.  Well our first flight out of Kansas was delayed 2 hours due to mechanical problems, which in turn made us miss our connecting flight, making us have a 5 hour layover in Minneapolis.  We were scheduled to get into Baltimore at around 1pm which would give us plenty of time to get on the rotator, however we ended up getting in at around 630pm.  The Lord was very gracious to us though, it was enough time to get our names on the list and grab a bite to eat.  The flight back to Ramstein was packed and we almost didn’t make it on; BUT thankfully we did and we made it back, exhausted from the long day and half  of travel.

As soon as we got back we hit the ground running!! Our house hold goods were delivered and the unpacking began. Colby had to go back to work so I spent many hours tearing through boxes, trying to organize so it would start to feel like home.  Three weeks later and its starting to look and feel like home!  Decorating is a challenge and so is storage.  We have absolutely no storage in our house for anything except a few cabinets in the kitchen. The Germans don’t really believe in storage it seems haha.  So off to Ikea we went to find some things for storage and we were actually successful! Colby built everything we bought and I was able to start organizing!! Just in time too because Julia and Horace Salik were coming that next week to drop the girls off while they went to meet their son for the first time!!

That leads me into the next week!  Julia, Horace and the girls got here saturday night, stayed the night and then left the girls with us and headed off to Bulgaria.  They had an amazing time over there meeting their son, but you can read all the details about their trip on their blog right here !  The girls were of course great, they are sweet little girls always playing pretend, and I mean always!! Kenzie would wake up and immediately turn into a mom, a bride, a ballerina, a  friend, or sometimes she had just given birth to 2 babies. haha It was never a dull moment. They had me laughing quite often! Colby would come home from work and play hide and seek with them, scare the living day lights out of them as they peeked around corners to find him! It was a lot of fun! We took them to a castle (ruins of a castle) in the town where I grew up. It brought back so many memories!! We used to walk up there quite often, I was Kiahs age, Joel was Kenzies age and Sarah was a bit older, all those memories came flooding back! Now here I am 15 years later taking my husband to that same place! Wow, how time flies!! After the castle we went to an ice cream parlor and got ourselves a little treat!  It didn’t matter that it was wet and cold outside, there is always room for German icecream! Well, the time came to say goodbye to the girls.  Julia and Horace flew in picked them up and set off for their 4 hour drive back home.  It is nice to have them so close even if it is 4 hours.

The house has been a little more quiet since the girls left.  I miss having them run around, but Colby and I are settling.  I have been sick for a bout a week now with a pretty nasty cold. The weather is starting to change and its beginning to look a lot like winter! It gets dark around 530pm, the rain is starting to fall and we are supposed to start getting snow this week but we will see if it actually happens.  Life has been busy!! I am part of a great womens Bible study  through the hospitality house, we are going through Hebrews and it has really been fun to be able to discuss it with the other ladies over coffee and German pastries 🙂  Colby has been busy with work and building things! He has made his own work bench and did a fantastic job!! It looks really good.  Now he is working on our bed frame! There are a couple guys from the house that have volunteered to help!  We have been going to Chapel which hasn’t been too bad.  The Chaplian this past sunday was right on in his preaching, right from scripture.  We met a couple we have been spending a lot of time with.  He is stationed at an army base not far from here and they also attend chapel.  The four of us get a long really well!  They also just started attending the house, so that has been great!  We are building great relationship through the hospitality house! Christmas in upon on which means German Christmas markets and I am sooooo excited!! I will be posting pictures!

We have not been on any trips lately, we were going to go to France because it is so close but due to the Paris attack they have closed their border until further notice. What a sad turn of events that was.  It is good to know we have Father, Jesus Christ who is in control of what seems to be a world that is spinning out of control. We can take comfort knowing the Lord knows exactly what is going on. This verse has been on my mind lately.  John 16:33  “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Attached are some pictures!  We are missing all our family and friends as this holiday season is upon us.  We love you all very much!


girls night out in Kansas
Nephews in Kansas
oh the brothers…lol
Cade gave Coldy a flag that was flown over the USS Constitution
sitting in corn on the farm


Checking our the soy beans
Kansas Sunset
Stuck in traffic, Kenzie is passed out
up at the castle with the girls
the workbench Colby built
ice cream…yum!
just hanging out in a well
our little hike to the castle
Colby got a smoker and is very excited


had to say goodbye to our house guest, Lucy the fat cat


our kitchen
part of the living room

Castles and a little bit about life

2 weeks down and we have already been on our first great adventure! Colby had a 3 day weekend so we left friday afternoon and headed toward the Rhine River to tour a castle and just drive around.  It has been just beautiful here, no rain and temperatures in the high 60s. So needless to stay we needed to get out and see something! Finding the castle was an adventure in itself, the Rhine river is lined with many different castles so we had our choice.  We randomly picked one that looked like it would be interesting and it did not disappoint.  Reichenstein castle dates back to the late 13th century. It was built by the archbishop of Mainz as a customs castle, you can read a little about it here if you are interested.  It was destroyed by fires and then rebuilt multiple times, there are a lot of repairs taking place right now.  While we were there they were getting ready to have a wedding, it was getting all set up in the library of all places. We went during the week in the afternoon and there wasn’t hardly anyone there. Colby and I had a good time walking around being our own tour guides! Below are some pictures, one is of a very small chapel inside the castle, the altar you see in the middle was built in 1556. I put together a little video of our tour, you can watch here!

Colby with Peter, Paul and Mary
castle courtyard
Dinning room with a clock face for a chandelier
Colby with some cannons
St. Gore

After we finished our castle tour we headed down the Rhine River and just drove, there are so many cute little villages along the river.  The Rhine is actually 760 miles long, it starts in the Swiss Alps and empties into North Sea in the Netherlands.  We could have driven for hours but we didn’t! We decided to stop in the little village of St. Gore to have dinner.  Most of the restaurants here are in hotels, but the dinner was very tasty! After dinner we walked around a bit and then headed back home.  It was a lovely day, a successful first adventure!

We would love to travel every week but there has been a lot to get done.  Colby has been working long hours and graciously giving a coworker a ride back and forth to work every day which means he leaves the house by 0445 (way too early).  However, things are getting accomplished. One major exciting thing is we HAVE THE KEYS TO OUR HOUSE!

getting the keys to our house!

BUT no furniture or anything yet. haha.  So we are staying in our TLA apartment until we can get something to at leas sit on, which will hopefully be next week! Praise the Lord that all the little nitty gritty stuff that has to get done for this house is finally getting taken care of.  The Germans do things quite a bit different than what we are used to but we are adapting!

We still have only 1 car, but this coming week we are going to look at a couple more so prayers would be appreciated that the Lord allows us to find one soon.  My cousin Renee and her husband are here, we have been able to spend some time with them which has been great! They took us to dinner at a castle a week or so ago, yes a castle…it was beautiful! Renee has been helpful to me as well, driving me around to get things done. It has been a blessing!

The Lord has been growing and stretching us here.  Homesickness has hit me quite hard off and on but Colby has been very patient and sweet through it all.  Learning to trust the Lord through this big move has been very rewarding. We can see Him working through many different circumstances.  The Hospitality House out here has been a great way for us to make some friendships that we can already tell will last a lifetime! We are getting involved there, and helping out where we can. The faithfulness and grace of God is never ceasing and we are seeing that more and more as we learn to adjust to life here, making ourselves open and available to where God would have us serve.  Thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement.

Welcome to Germany

Many tears, goodbyes, 3 plane rides, and 2 days later I am finally reunited with my husband!! It was a long trip over here mostly because I had a day and half lay over in Baltimore, but that wasn’t so bad because I got to see my dear friend Angie and her family and Marion and Bill!  What a blessing it is to know people all over the world that will take you in last minuet!


Jet lag is still lingering a bit but I am adjusting.  Colby has been here for 3 weeks already so I am working on catching up with him.  We are currently staying in a fully furnished  basement, including a German washing machine that I am still trying to figure out (thank you google translate for the help). It is owned by a really sweet American couple that is making sure we feel right at home. We have about 2 weeks before we can move into our new house.  Colby drove me by it the other day, it’s very cute. It is in a little neighborhood with quite a few hills.  We are both excited to to move in and start

our lives together. We have been driving around a lot, so many memories come back into my head when I come across a place that I recognize.  We went to the hospitality house (my old home)  yesterday and wow…I walked around, went into my old bedroom and all those childhood memories came flooding back.  Although I remember everything being a little bit bigger  🙂  Colby met a few couples from the hospitality house and they have been so kind. We have had a dinner with one couple twice.  The weather here is quite a change from California, it basically has been cloudy and rainy since I got here but I am enjoying it.  It is beautiful, green and cozy!! No water shortage here 🙂 The sky has been blue today with no rain, so I have opened up the place to let some fresh air in! The view from our little apartment is quite picturesque…


Oh on a side note….recycling here is crazy, literally.I am still trying to figure it out.  They separate ever little thing!  I don’t have too many pictures yet but I will work on that! We got our German cell plan yesterday which has proven to be quite useful over here 🙂  Oh! I hear the rain starting to fall, surprise! haha  Well I will post again soon, thank you all for your love and prayers, I miss all so much!

Welcome to our adventure!

My husband Colby and I recently got married! In fact we are going on 3 months this month! Woohoo!  I am creating this blog because we are about to start a big adventure…you could call it an extended honeymoon.  The Lord has given us the amazing opportunity to go to Europe for a few years!! My hope is to share the places we visit, the food we eat, the people we meet and how the Lord uses us through this blog!  Being so far away from our families and friends will be hard but my hope is that through this blog they can feel like they are apart of our adventure even from thousands of miles away. So sit back, relax and enjoy reading and sharing in

A Hiebsch Adventure!